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Welcome to SunBird Golf Resort

April Activities & Events

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4/18 Bingo
4/19 Free Dance with "Saugaro Sunset"
4/25 Karaoke
4/26 Dance with "Pam & Dave"
4/28 Farmer's Market
4/28 WII Bowling

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Monday, May 5th
Mexican breakfast and lunch specials. 

Cinco de Mayo
Food service will have extended hours until 6:00 pm
Margarita drink specials all day long.

Mothers Day
Breakfast Buffet

Sunday, May 11th
Special Hours *9 a.m. - 2p.m.*

Enjoy our excellent breakfast buffet with carved roast beef or ham.

Mother's Day

All mothers will receive a complimentary carnation flower.

Mayor Visits SunBird

Mayor Jay Tibshraeny visited SunBird to make presentation on the economic status, growth and planning in the City Chandler. Many road improvement projects are in progress expanding roadways to the southern sections of Chandler. When these projects are completed they will increase traffic flow to the SunBird area with less delay. The floor was opened to residents for questions and answers. Thanks to Mayor Jay Tibshraeny for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit SunBird keeping us informed.

New Fitness Room
ID Policy

The Board of Directors approved a new policy effective July 1, 2013 to increase safety for fitness room users.

All SunBird homeowners and guests will be required to display their SunBird Identification Cards when using the fitness room.

This may be done by wearing the ID card on a lanyard or card/clip. SunBird identification cards, lanyards and card/clips can be obtained at the SunBird office during regular business hours at no charge.

Paper Shredding Success

The Going Green Committee hosted SunBird’s second paper and document shredding day in SunBird. A large dump truck certified for document shredding from TNT


Shredding was contracted with and paid for by funds raised by the Going Green Committee. The organization and traffic flow worked terrific for SunBird residents disposing of personal papers and documents. Over 4,000 pounds of paper was shredded and recycled that day. Thank you to Nancy Eckstein, the Going Green Committee and all those who helped make this service a great success.

Summer Storm Alert

During the summer months, we can anticipate high winds and monsoon storms especially in this part of Arizona. The high winds can cause the vehicle control gates and barrier arms to malfunction and causing damage.

Storm Damage

During times of high winds or heavy storms to help avoid potential damage, SunBird Patrol may temporarily set the gates and barrier arms in the open position until the storm or winds pass by. It’s also important for residents to prepare their homes and yards for these storms as best as possible. Further it is also a good idea to have someone regularly check your home, if away for the summer months, after these storms to make sure everything is in good order.

AZ Attorney General’s Office Visits SunBird

The Going Green Committee invited the AZ Attorney General’s office to SunBird to make a presentation on scams and identity theft. Courtney Miller and other staff from the AZ Attorney General’s office made an excellent report to an audience of about 180 in the SunBird Ballroom. Some of the tips of avoiding being scammed are “don’t be rushed into making a decision” “if its sounds to be good to be true, it probably is” “don’t pay money up front first to receive reported greater amounts of lottery winnings, inheritances or other prizes“ “if an alleged utility companies, IRS or other companies call requesting further personal information, call them back with a telephone number that you know is real to verify”. Internet scams are increasingly growing and the appearance of the emails to you can look very real from a bank or other company. If in question, call the company with a telephone number you know to be true and ask questions. If you are not sure, always get second opinion from a friend or family member to review. When using websites to enter personal information, the web browser address should have an “s” in “http” section like “https” meaning the site is secure. Great information was shared to create a greater awareness of the many current scams and to help minimize the chance of being scammed.

Third Wednesday Morning Coffee and Informational Meeting

Find out what's going on in SunBird and learn about the latest activities and events from the General Manager, Layne and Activities Director Wanda at 10:00 a.m.


Coffee and snacks provided. Due to the popularity and growing attendance, we will now meet in the Ballroom instead of the Lakeview Room.

Farmers Market

The farmers market is here at SunBird hosted at he east parking lot of the clubhouse.

Farmer's Market

They will be here on the second and fourth Monday of each month from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Fresh produce, breads and other items from local vendors are available. Come check it out!

Thursday Dinners
Horizon Room
4:00 to 6:30 p.m.

To become better prepared for our dinners, we are requesting advance notice if you plan on attending Thursday Dinners.

Please stop by the office or call (480) 802-4901, as early as possible to let us know your name and number in your party. This is for an approximate count and not a requirement or a reservation (except for prime dinner specials).

SunBird’s Attorney Attends Board Meeting

SunBird’s attorney Lynn Krupnik from the law firm Ekmark and Ekmark, practicing only in homeowner association law, was invited to the Board of Director Planning and Workshop meeting March 17th. Lynn has been involved with SunBird for over 14 years and is very familiar with SunBird’s governing documents and history. The purpose of meeting with the attorney was to review and discuss the CC & R revision wording as proposed by the CC & R Task Force for several reasons; 1) Is what is being proposed legal? 2) Is there a better way to word what is being proposed? 3) What is the best way to put it out to a vote? 4) Discussion about changing quorum and/or vote required for amendment? Some good points were made and alternate language for consideration. Questions and discussion from the Board of Directors, Safety Task Force and homeowners took place. Some language changes and ideas that were proposed by the attorney for clarification are being considered and an updated proposed CC & R revision will be available as soon as completed. Through the next several upcoming months, articles will be published in the SunBird News and this website discussing each of the proposed changes in detail. Each proposed change will be voted on separately. For any of these proposed revisions to be made would take an affirmative homeowner vote of 50% (816) plus one of the total lots (1,631) in SunBird. At this time, a homeowner vote is anticipated to be scheduled for January of 2015. One ballot will be mailed to each SunBird unit/lot owner to vote on each of the proposed CC & R revisions. More information will be forthcoming.

Board Meeting Notices

Board Meeting

Board of Director
Planning Workshop

Monday, 4/14 at 1:00 p.m.

Business Meeting

Monday, 4/28 at 6:00 p.m.

2014 Board of Director
Election and Officers

The 2014 Board of Directors had an organizational meeting on January 6th to assign officers and committee liaisons assignments and to discuss goals and plans for the upcoming year.

The Board of Director Officers for 2014 are:
President - Gordon Lee,
Vice President - Leo Buries, Treasurer - Delores Brown
Secretary - BettiSue Perkins.

2013 Revenue & Expenses

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Revenue  Allocation  $800 Assessment

CCR Full Proposed

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2013 CCR

CC & R Survey Results

A survey was mailed to all SunBird homeowners with the July 2013 second half assessments. CC & R is short for “Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions”. The CC & R’s set forth the restrictions bound to land within the homeowner association and set forth the governance of the association. The purpose of the survey was to determine if their was enough information available for homeowners to make an informed decision and enough interest MORE

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CCR Proposal   Road to the Vote

CCR Proposed Changes

Road to
the Vote

Fourth Annual SunBird Conley Cup

In honor of Sgt. Major Bill Conley and his wife Ginnie, the friendly Conley Cup Golf tournament was organized as an fun competitive three day event where the Americans take on the Canadians. 

Conelly Cup

Hole number 8 has become the place of festivities with free hot dogs, beverages and fund games for the crowds to play.  Great patriotism displayed and fun was had by all.  We like to thank all those who organized and participated in great activity!   Hope to see everyone next year to cheer on their team.   

Orbital Communication Construction

Over the next several weeks, Orbital Communications is installing a direct fiber optic cable line from their headquarters to eliminate the microwave tower at the clubhouse. 


The new cable line will be installed from Cooper Road below along Waterview Drive leading to the tower area at the SunBird clubhouse.  Once all of the cable lines are installed, tested and in operation, the tower will be removed.  This new cable line will provide more consistent service and speed to Orbital users.  

Please contact Chris with any questions or concerns regarding this site.

All other inquiries call 480 802-4901
April 15, 2014