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August Activities and Events



Wii Bowling Pizza
Apache Gold Casino

Clubhouse To Be
CLOSED for 3 Days

Beginning Monday, August 11th  through Wednesday the 13th the clubhouse will be closed entirely for three days of maintenance and repairs.

A plumber will be inspecting and replacing areas of deteriorating pipe throughout the clubhouse.

The bar top in the Horizon Room will be refinished under warranty and other maintenance projects conducted through our the clubhouse. The outdoor clubhouse facilities will still be available for use.  We appreciate your understanding during this period of time.  Thank You.

SunBird Food and Beverage Visions & Goals

Earlier this year, a Food and Beverage committee was appointed consisting three of the Board of Directors, Gordon Lee, Leo Buries, Jean Pritchard and General Manager Layne Varney. The objective was to study, analyze the operation for improvements. The committee has met several times over the past four months to accomplish these objectives. Input has been sought from the following people or groups:

  1. Homeowners during Planning Workshop Meeting
  2. Board of Directors in a survey form
  3. Current management consultant/restaurant manager
  4. Three SunBird homeowners who have either been restaurant managers or chefs
  5. Neighboring HOA restaurant managers
  6. Project Engineer who specializes in redesign of restaurant kitchens
  7. Others.

The committee has attempted to analyze all facets of the Food and Beverage operations and believed the first area to influence is leadership, followed by assuring we have the right personnel who are properly trained and supervised. The committee also believes that solid overall marketing needs to take place in the future. This begins with a well written marketing plan that expected to be implemented. The committee has done some test marketing with a few theme events along with introducing appetizers on Wednesday and Fridays.
Vision Statement:
To provide residents with a social gathering place to enjoy a resort lifestyle atmosphere that offers high quality food and beverages. All food and beverages will be served by well trained employees who provide outstanding customer service. (Based on SunBird Book of Policies – Policy #13 Food and Beverage Operation Subsidization)
Food and Beverage Goals:
Committee Goals: (Short Term)
1. Provide residents with a social gathering place to enjoy a resort lifestyle atmosphere that offer high quality food and beverage services. The service shall include Breakfast, Lunch, Thursday Dinners, Catering, Themed Events and Appetizers.
2. Develop updated job descriptions for the restaurant manager that will ensure implementation of the goals that have been established.
3. Institute a POS system with two checkout locations with the ability to provide information relative to each event and the cost associated with the event.
4. Determine the overhead cost that should be applied to each event.
5. I conjunction with the management staff, develop updated policies and job descriptions associated with each position.
Management Goals (Short Term)
1. Develop a management team that can implement the committee goals; Hire employees, Train employees, Pricing and cost analysis, Assume responsibility of goals, etc.
2. In conjunction with the committee, develop policies and updated job descriptions for each position.
3. Determine any modifications to the existing kitchen required to implement the goals.
4. Develop menu pricing to meet the established goals. (Part of Job description)
5. Analyze each event and make recommendations as to how they can be implemented or improved. (Part of Job Description)
Committee Goals (Long Term)
1. Develop a marketing plan and F & B committees that will support the established goals of increasing sales through individual and group events; and, through new events to attract non-participating homeowners.
2. Analyze the results of events and determine if any modifications can be made to accomplish the established goals.
3. Evaluate the idea of having a closed campus for catering and alcohol sales.
4. In conjunction with management staff, analyze for changes that would enhance overall service.

Appetizers Now Offered in the Horizon Room on Wednesdays and Friday

Click on this link to see what the Horizon Room has to offer!

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday breakfast is now offering food to order from the menu only, due to popular demand through the slower summer months.

Horizon Room is open for Sunday breakfast at 8:00 am until 12:00 noon. Please join us Sunday for our terrific breakfast options from the menu.

Thursday Dinners
Horizon Room 4:00 to 6:30 p.m.

To become better prepared for our dinners, we are requesting advance notice if you plan on attending Thursday Dinners.

Please stop by the office or call (480) 802-4901, as early as possible to let us know your name and number in your party. This is for an approximate count and not a requirement or a reservation (except for prime dinner specials).

The current spending limitations policy requires membership approval of a SunBird project that would cost more than $190,000.00, but only if the funds were not already in the bank. Policy can be changed by a vote of the Board of Directors whereas the CC&R's can only be changed by a vote of the membership.
In 2010 the HOA Board of Directors revised Policy #21, “Spending Limitations Policy”, to state as follows:
Whenever the Board of Directors is considering an immediate capital improvement that is not currently funded from the capital improvement account and is greater than 10% of the previous years audited annual revenue, the project shall be submitted to the entire membership for vote by mail in ballot. The Board of Directors shall be committed to follow the majority vote for at least three (3) years.

Homeowners at the focus groups proposed that this policy be added to the CC&R's with two (2) changes.
1. Funding
·Funding for capital improvements comes from a $750 fee charged to every home buyer new to SunBird (Policy #9).
· As of February 2014 the balance in the Capital Improvement Fund was $203,209.00. So you can see that the Board could spend those monies without any vote from the membership because, “it is currently funded”.

Fire Near SunBird

On Tuesday, July 1 2014 a large cloud of thick dark smoke was heavily filling the sky near SunBird. 

July fire       Fire c  Fire b

From the Horizon Room balcony the fire appeared to be in SunBird.  The fire of several stacks of old tires and wood was in a vacant open field behind Kelley's Carwash on Riggs Road across from SunBird.  After a couple hours the Chandler Fire Department smothered the fire and no one was injured and no structural damage occurred. 

Sunrise Court Complete

The idea to have a smaller patio area for socializing originated with Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee. 

  Sunrise 3

Member Shirley Clark accepted the assignment to develop, plan and present the completed concept to the Board of Directors.  The Board approved this project of adding several outdoor tables, chairs, lighting, barbeque grill, landscaped pots and a beautiful desert mountain scene mural painted on the wall by resident Irene Coatta.

  Sunrise 2

We would like to thank all those involved with this nice improvement project to SunBird.  For more information on reserving it, please contact the SunBird Office.

Big Dust Storm Hits SunBird

The evening before the Fourth of July and during the SunBird Americana Musical Show in the ballroom, which by the way was awesome!, strong winds carrying a huge wall of dirt came crashing through SunBird.  The thick wall of dust and strong winds lasting nearly an hour followed by a few drops of rain swept through breaking tree branches, leaving debris everywhere and layer of dirt all over everything outside. 

Storm Damage 14

Fortunately the 250 people in attendance at the show where safe in the ballroom enjoying the show before and after it all ended just to find their vehicles and golf carts outside covered in dirt. 

Storm 2014

It has taken several days for the clean up crew to restore the pools, clubhouse area, tennis courts and common area trees.  More storms a reported to be on the way over the next month.  If you are away for the summer, make sure someone checks your SunBird property for any potential damage caused by these storms.  Tis the season...    

Summer Storm Alert

During the summer months, we anticipate high winds and monsoon storms especially in this part of Arizona. The high winds can cause the vehicle control gates and barrier arms to malfunction and causing damage.


During times of high winds or heavy storms to help avoid potential damage, SunBird Patrol may temporarily set the gates and barrier arms in the open position until the storm or winds pass by. It’s also important for residents to prepare their homes and yards for these storms as best as possible. Further it is also a good idea to have someone regularly check your home, if away for the summer months, after these storms to make sure everything is in good order.

Swimming Pool Rules 

Some questions have been made concerning an additional rule sign that was posted at both swimming pools in SunBird. As per Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Water and Waste Management Division Health Code 48A Chapter 6, section 1, R4, SunBird is required to have these rules posted at the swimming pools.


Before entering a pool, all persons shall be instructed, by means of suitable, clearly lettered signs properly located, to observe all safety regulations. The signs shall contain, at a minimum, all of the following:

  1. Persons with colds, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharges, boils or other acute or obvious skin or body infections, or cuts shall be excluded from the pool.
  2. No glassware allowed within the pool enclosures.
  3. No animals allowed except for service animals.
  4. No drinks, candy, tobacco, popcorn, gum, alcohol, or food of any kind shall be permitted in the pool or within the required walkways of the pool.
  5. Keep gate(s) closed – do not prop open.
  6. Shower and use the toilet before entering the pool.
  7. If incontinent, wear tight fitting rubber or plastic pants or a swim diaper.
  8. Observe all safety regulations. 

The County has been contacted to get a definition regarding rule #4 that addresses drink & Food within required walkways of the pool. It was explained by the County that this means that food, drink and etc. cannot be within 4 feet of the swimming pool waters edge. Food and drink outside of this area (4 feet of the edge) can still be consumed as normal.


Therefore, it was recommended that the words “not currently funded” be deleted from the policy written for the CC&R's.

2. Limitations
There was much discussion about the dollar amount of spending limitations but the majority favored something in the $200,000 range. This can be arrived at in two ways:
a. 10% of audited revenue (which includes HOA Assessments, interest, Food and Beverage Sales and Other). In 2012 that amounted to $1.9 million so 10% = $190,000.00. However this amount would have some fluctuation corresponding to Food and Beverage Sales or interest rates.
b. 15% of HOA Assessments. In 2013 that amounted to $1.3 3

1. Homeowners should have the opportunity to vote on a capital project expenditure that exceeds 15% of the prior year’s audited Annual Assessments ($195,000).
2. This clause in no way applies to replacement, repair or maintenance expenditures.
3. Homeowners should have the opportunity to vote even when the project is fully funded.
1. The HOA Board should have authority for unlimited, funded capital expenditures.
2. The HOA Board can change this policy at any time.
View this amendment on page 12 of the Amended, Restated and Consolidated Declaration of Restrictions for SunBird Golf Resort Homeowners Association, Inc. Click here.

Board Meeting Notices

Board Meeting

Board of Director Meetings

BOD Meetings are in recess for the summer. The next scheduled meeting is Monday, September 8th @ 1:00 p.m. and Monday, September 22nd at 6:00 p.m.
Have a great summer!

2014 Board of Directors
and Officers

The Officers for the 2014 Board of Director are:
President - Gordon Lee
Vice President - Leo Buries
Treasurer - Delores Brown-
Secretary - BettiSue Perkins

2013 Revenue & Expenses

(Click to Open)

Revenue  Allocation $800 Assessment


CC&R's are the rules and regulations for our community.  These are the documents you receive when you become a homeowner.  They must be clear and transparent as to the responsibilities of the Homeowner and The Board in the governance of SunBird.  They can only be changed by a vote of the homeowners.  The Board follows several other governing documents such as “The Book of Policy”, “The Book of Governance, Bylaws and Articles. These can be changed by a vote of the Board.
CC&R's are meant to be a living document and are typically reviewed every five years.  In February 2011 the HOA Board appointed a Task Force commissioned to review the current CC&R's and bring forward recommendations to reflect the progressive community in which we live.

The Task Force met weekly during the months of November through April from March 9, 2011 until February 28th, 2012 to review every line of the current document.  Their findings were presented to the Board and their responses determined the items that would be taken to the Homeowners.
During January and February of 2013, weekly roundtable discussion sessions were hosted for SunBird homeowners who were asked to consider amendments to the CC&R's in regard to expenditures, term limits for directors and joint projects with the Golf Club. In addition, Homeowners requested amendments to the voting procedures and the HOA Board requested amendments to reflect current policy regarding fees for newcomers. More

Proposed CC&R Revisions              Proposed Updated Revisions

CC&R Revisions

  Updated Revisions

Road Work Notice

The roads in SunBird Unit 1A had the asphalt completely removed and replaced last year. After one year of installing the new asphalt it is highly recommended to seal coat the roads to assist in extending the life and minimize raveling.

Road work will begin in your area Monday, August 18th through Thursday, August 21st. Road construction crews will start seal coating work each business day at approximately 7:00 a.m. on the days and areas highlighted on the map that can be seen by clicking on this link.

During this time vehicles may not be parked or driven on the road for that day and the following day until 12:00 p.m. Any vehicles left on the road during this time interfering with construction will be towed at the owner's expense. Further, please refrain from washing vehicles, carports, driveways or anything allowing water to run onto the roads.

Once seal coating has been applied, the road will be opened the following day at 12:00 p.m. To minimize scarring marks ont he new seal coating, please make wise sweeping turns in and out of driveways an around the area until it is completely cured.

During this time garbage collection will be temporarily altered. The black garbage and blue recycle containers will bother be picked up Monday, August 18th at 6:00 p.m. The next time the black garbage and clue recycle containers will be picked up will be Friday, August 22nd. AFter this week garbage and recycle pickup days will resume as normal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the SunBird office at (480) 802-4901.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of work.

Third Wednesday Morning Coffee and Informational Meeting

Thank you for the great attendance at the meetings, we averaged around 85 residents. These have been excellent meetings learning about the latest events, answering questions and socializing with neighbors. 


We will resume the Information Meetings in October. Have a safe summer!

Fourth Annual SunBird Conley Cup

In honor of Sgt. Major Bill Conley and his wife Ginnie, the friendly Conley Cup Golf tournament was organized as an fun competitive three day event where the Americans take on the Canadians. 

Conelly Cup

Hole number 8 has become the place of festivities with free hot dogs, beverages and fund games for the crowds to play.  Great patriotism displayed and fun was had by all.  We like to thank all those who organized and participated in great activity!   Hope to see everyone next year to cheer on their team.


George and Margaret Spencer found a new born horned owl nesting in the palm trees in the back yard of  their home in SunBird.  

Baby Owl 1 

Baby Owl 2

The Animal Game and Fish Department relocated the baby owl to raise and protect it to be set free later when ready.  The mother owl still resides in SunBird.

Please contact Chris with any questions or concerns regarding this site.

All other inquiries call 480 802-4901
August 17, 2014