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Ray Taylor, Patrol Chief
(480) 797-8606

Crime Prevention

1) Get to know your neighbors, exchange telephone numbers and report all suspicious activity immediately to the Police. When in doubt, call 911.
2) All doors and windows need to be locked and secured.
3) When away from your SunBird house see that it is maintained so it won't appear vacant.
4) Use reputable contractors. Check job references and the license report with AZ ROC.
5) Do not let contractors know when you are away or give keys to them to do work in your absence.
6) Do not give out your gate entry code to others except for close family and friends. (If you feel you have given it to the wrong person contact the office for a new code).
7)Install motion sensor lights. Let's work together to keep crime out of SunBird! If you have any new information concerning these or other reports, please contact he SunBird Office at (480) 802-4901.

Road Work Notice

Road work is scheduled for SunBird this summer in Units 1A and 2. Unit 1A and around the clubhouse will have more extensive work in removing and replacing the asphalt. In Unit 2 the work scheduled is crack filling and seal coating the entire road way. In both areas, notices will be delivered to all the homes directly affected with the schedule of work in advance.

613 Unit

The roads will be closed for a short period of time while under construction and for curing time. Please do not attempt to drive through the newly paved or seal barricades removed. Further after the roads are open, please try to make sweeping turns or wide turns into your driveway and on this newly coated roads. This will minimize tire marks left on the roads.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SunBird office at 802-4901.



Patrol Truck

Gate Operations

Riggs Road and Championship Drive and is gated with a guard house.  The resident gate is operated by authorized remote controls purchased by each owner from the SunBird office.  A keypad is also located at the resident entrance lane for back-up.  The guard house is operated daily from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  All guests, visitors and contractors must check in at the guard house.
After hours visitors, guests and contractors can only gain entrance in one of two ways: 1) Each owner has been supplied a different code to be used by closed friends, family or other trusted people.  By pressing the # button followed by the code and the gate will open. 2) Owners, by choice may be listed on the scroll display at the guest entrance lane. A visitor can scroll through the names to the desired person they wish to visit.  Next the visitor presses the “CALL: button".  The intercom will call the SunBird owner through the telephone.  It the telephone is answered, both parties may speak.  If the owner would like to grant access to the visitor they can do so by pressing the “9” on the keypad of their home telephone.  If they do not wish to grant access they should not press the “9” button.  The other gated entrance to SunBird is located on Hunt Highway and Championship Drive.  This is an owner only gate.

Riggs Road Entrance Safety

The Riggs Road entrance into SunBird can be very congested at times. Some may not understand how the traffic is controlled at this intersection.

SunBird Sign

When the traffic control light is red for east and west bound traffic, it will often begin first (if a vehicle is in the left turn lane) with a green permissible turn arrow for the west bound traffic to turn into SunBird.


Sometimes the east bound traffic, even though the light is red for them still, stop and continue turning into SunBird even though the west bound traffic turning arrow. Please be mindful of this when entering into SunBird at Riggs Road to minimize any confusion.

December 2013 Patrol
Activity Report

Vehicle Parking Violations


RV Parking Violations


Cart Parking Violations


Hours Using Speed Radar Gun


Vehicles complying Speed Limit


Vehicles exceeding Speed Limit


Failure to Stop at Sign


Violating Rules


Obnoxious Behavior


Suspicious Persons


Suspicious Vehicles




Unleashed dog(s)


Theft Report


Well Check


Homeowner/guests assistance


Denied Entry


Alarm Response


Abusing Facilities


Unauthorized Visitors 1
Garage Open 1
Fire/Medical Asst. 1
Fitness Room Check 72

Please be cautious when driving
golf carts outside SunBird

Vehicle Gates &
Barrier Arm Safety

The vehicle control gates into and out of SunBird are there to control vehicular traffic.

At times, pedestrians and bicyclists have been observed following vehicles through the vehicle control gated areas.

This is extremely dangerous as well as being the cause of more congestion through these areas.

There are gates for pedestrians and bicyclists at each entrance or exit and can be accessed using your key. If you do not have a key, please stop by the SunBird office to purchase a key for $2. These pedestrian gates are a far more safe method of entering and exiting SunBird.

Please use the appropriate gates for entrance/exit into SunBird for your personal safety. Avoiding injury is a priority for all SunBird residents and guests.


Please contact Chris with any questions or concerns regarding this site.

All other inquiries call 480 802-4901
February 4, 2014