American/Italian Club Lakeview 2nd Tues of each month (Oct-April) 6 - 9 pm Frank Nechvatal 480-883-9262
American/Irish Club Horizon 1st Thurs of each month 6 -9 pm John Dolezal 480-244-7185
Art Club Hopi Thursday (Year Round) 9 am -12 pm Sharl Byrd 480-390-2243
Bandits Patio Monday/Wednesday (Sept-May) 4 - 6 pm Jerry Chamberlain 480-721-4520  
Bean Bag Baseball Horizon Room 2nd & 4th Wed 4 - 6 pm    
Bingo/Lions Club Ballroom 1st/3rd Friday (Nov-April)
6 pm
Fred Garmeson 480-895-9363
Bocce Courts Bocce Courts Schedule posted in Poster Room & at Courts   Bob Namon 480-802-4684 Dianne Reed 612-616-9431
Bowling Kyrene Lanes Mondays 9:15 am Jim Jerome 480-802-0282
Canadian Club       Susan McMillan 480-745-2162  
Ceramics Ceramics Tues & Thurs (Year Round) 10 am - 3 pm
Larry & Mary Beth Kosiba 
Desert Navy Club Lakeview 3rd Fri of each month (Sept-May) 11 am - 12:30 pm Rich Volpe 480-802-2532
Garden Club Ballroom 2nd Fri of each month (Nov-April) 9 - 11 am Barb Ott 480-322-3036 or Shirley Goodman 480-802-4628
German Club Lakeview 4th Tues of each month (Sept-April) 6PM-9PM Frank Nechvatal 480-883-9262
Golf Club (Men's) Ballroom 1st Tues of each month (Oct-May) 7 - 10 am    
Golf Club (Women's) Ballroom 1st Tues of each month (Oct-May) 10 am - 2 pm    
Hikers (Jan-May) Off Site Wed mornings am - Varies Jim Anderson 480-980-5538
Hikers (Oct-Dec) Off Site Wed mornings-meet @ Post Office 7:00 am Jack Phillips 563-613-3602
Horse Races Horizon Room 1st & 3rd Wed 4 - 6 pm    
Horseshoes Horseshoe Pits Wednesday 9 am Jim Jerome 480-802-0282  
Kare Bears Ballroom 3rd Wed of each month 1 - 3 pm Juanita Harbut 248-231-4274
Ladies Billards Billards Room Mon, Wed, Fri 9 am Vera Pollick 4480-518-3221  
Lapidary Club Hopi 1st Fri of each month (Nov-April) 9:30 am - 11 am Jim Mitchell 216-501-0948
Lions Club Lakeview 3rd Tues of each month (Oct-May) 4 - 6 pm Fred Garmeson 480-895-9363
Men's Billards Billards Room Tuesday 12:00 pm    
Niners Golf League Lakeview 2nd Tues of each month (Oct-April) 8 am - 12 pm Dianne Reed 612-616-9431
Pickleball  Pickleball Courts Click here for current hours
Railroad Club Lakeview 1st Sat of each month (Sept-May) 9 am - 12 pm Harry Huckemeyer 480-802-4976
Shuffleboard Shuffleboard Court Mon & Wed 9 am Marty Eckstein 480-980-1327  
Community Church of SunBird Ballroom Sundays (Nov-April) 9 - 11 am Gary Metzger 480-802-7074  
Community Church of SunBird Ballroom Sundays (May-Oct) 9 - 10 am Phyllis Douglas 480-802-9713  
Community Church of SunBird Ballroom Sunday   Jamie Morgan 480-802-7358
SunBird Church Choir Ballroom Thursday (Oct-April) 3:30 - 5 pm Pat Miller 480-707-3984
SunBird Church-Celebration Ringers Ballroom Thursday (Oct-April) 2 -3:30 pm Kim Hanson 253-906-1743
SunBird Golf Ladies 18ers   Tuesday AM Shotgun start/weekly 18 Hole Ladies League Melissa Craig 480-656-4362  
SunBird Golf Mens 18ers   Thursday AM Shotgun/weekly 18 Hole Mens League Loren Carrel 248-345-3572  
SunBird Golf Couples 18ers   Friday AM Shotgun start/weekly 18 Hole Couples Club Richard Craig 480-656-4362 or Steve Cockrell  
SunBird Golf Ladies 9ers   Tuesday AM Shotgun start/weekly 9 hole Ladies League Dianne Reed 612-616-9431  
SunBird Golf Mens 9ers   Monday & Wed afternoons/weekly 9 Hole Mens Club Jerry Lingen 480-895-0730  
SunBird Golf Couples 9ers   Friday afternoon/weekly 9 Hole Couples Club Don VanLaningham 408-883-0522  
SunBird Golf Rattlesnakes   Tues/Wed afternoon weekly Modified Stableford Gary Hall 303-378-5576 or Dave White 303-378-5576  
SunBird Golf Scorpions   Monday AM Men's Group Check with Pro Shop  
SunBird Golf Studs Golf   Saturday AM Men's Group Check with Pro Shop  
SunBird Golf Driving Divas   Thursday Afternoon/weekly Informal Ladies 9ers Jean Pritchard 503-680-4449  
SunBird Golf Giggle Gals   Wednesday afternoon/weekly Informal Ladies 9ers Sandy Muyres 480-885-1701  
SunBird Golf Bandits   Mon & Wed AM weekly Men's & Women's Golf Jerry Chamberlain 480-721-4520  
SunBird Golf Roadrunners   Wed mornings Glf/Social Group Woody Wodarczyk 480-895-2928  
SunBird Golf Sunbirdies     Brand New Beginning Check with Pro Shop  
SunBird Singers Ensemble Ballroom Wednesday (Oct-April) Varies Kim Hanson 253-906-1743 or Pat Miller 480-707-3984
SunBird Scrabble Club Puzzle Room Thursdays 1 - 5 pm Bonnie Revis 480-814-7040
Sunny Quilters Hopi Thursday (Oct-May) some year round 12:30 - 6 pm Nussy Merchant 262-617-0213
Sunny Quilters Hopi 2nd Sat (Oct-May) some year round 8 am - 5 pm Nussy Merchant 262-617-0213
SunBird Yarn Club Hopi Wednesday 10 am - 12 pm Dianne Reed 612-616-9431
Tennis Club Lakeview 1st Tuesday each month (Nov-April) 5 - 6 pm    
Water Volleyball Club Clubhouse Pool Daily Noon-1:30 pm Tom Zawick 602-689-1062